MKMMA Week 15.1 Traction Control Stops The Spin-Out

Lets get this party started!

Those guys are still awesome aren’t they.

Now for my latest rant!

So here are the three main points of Scroll 1 that I did not make part of my life.

1. 1



I know this will seem sophomoric but….. I have performed everything perfectly  thus far.. I just finished my after lunch activities and I already feel like the day is a success!  So I’m just gonna keep doing and celebrating and reporting to you and my mastermind so I stay on track.

MKMMA Week 14: Failure, Redemption and Other Catchy Words.

As you know, for weeks I have been struggling with getting my activities completed and I have  offered numerous excuses.  While sporadically sitting this week a thought flashed into my mind.

“I form good habits and become their slave.”

We were taught this for 45 days which is more time than we will spend on any other chapter.  Could this be because it is so important?

Here are my thoughts   my insights  my weekly rant!

Let’s band together and do this!

MKMMA Week 10: Mark J. Faster Than A Speeding Bullet.. Able to .. Really?

I must say that the week of Thanksgiving was not an easy one for me.  I fell off the wagon completely.

No…. not alcohol.

I’m talking about the myriad of exercises, recitations and mental gymnastics that I put myself through numerous times a day to build a new me.

The really bad part is idle time gave me time to grade my work.  As I begin to tally the score, the old me (the one I’m trying to lose) was all too happy to point out all of my shortcomings and pathetically slow progress.  In the end his final assessment was…..

Yes his verdict came in “Loser.”

Now to be honest, I had been forewarned that this could happen but it’s hard not to listen to his reasoning and start to believe.  You see I did consider him the expert on me for decades.

So now you have the setup…Week 9 leading into week 10

Self doubt was worming its way in and I was  “kinda” listening but I knew I was in trouble I was becoming weak and susceptible.


Yea I know…. a little sophomoric and over the top but…

While I was struggling with my thoughts I received an email…… from Mark.

The subject line read: Week 10 so I thought I would take a look.

They keep telling us that if we persistently hold a desire in our mind that the universal intelligence will show us the way.

Here is Marks Week 10 Post, you read it and see if it wasn’t a prayer answered!

See The Post Here

It can’t be a simple coincidence … right?

Maybe Huey knew of what he spoke

I’m ready how bout you?

MKMMA 9.5 Weeks: The Cement Buddha and the Sledgehammer

One of the first things we are taught in the Master Keys course is that each of us is solid gold.

When I heard this I kinda rolled my eyes and shook my head.

I am pretty sure all the other course attendees did the same.

The instructor went on to explain that we didn’t see ourselves that way because a lifetime of bad feelings had manifested themselves around us like a super dense layer of concrete.

It was explained that our job was to “bust out” of this self-imposed prison revealing our “golden self!”


The only way I know for a common person to bust concrete is with a hammer or even better a sledgehammer.

As I was contemplating my slow and wavering path today, a song came to mind from somewhere way out in left field. (baseball metaphor for Mark J)

I remember this song from the mid eighties, in fact it was one of the first videos to be played on a then brand new venue called, MTV.

I had never actually listened to the lyrics.  Once again something caused this song to jump forefront in my mind.

May I say, “Freaky Weird II?”

Take a listen and see what your mysterious mind thinks.

Let me know how it strikes you.


MKMMA Week 9: Pissin in the Wind

One of the things that the MKMMA teaches is that our subconscious works 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help us figure out how to acquire the methods for us to get what we want.

My ultimate goal in this course is to create a “new me.”

In order to accomplish this, I must first get rid of the “old me.”

Just to prove that my subconscious is doing it’s job, I submit to you this nominal song from 1975 that “Popped” into my head this morning while I was struggling with my sit.  Pay particular attention to the chorus.

Here's the Chorus:
 Pissin' in the wind, bettin' on a losing friend
 Makin' the same mistakes, we swore we'd never make again
 And we're pissin' in the wind, but it's blowing on all our friends
 We're gonna sit and grin and tell our grandchildren

I find it amazing proof that the subconscious does retain everything.  I was 18 years old when this song came out.  I didn’t receive any airplay because of the lyrics and I never bought the album yet somehow it was stored somewhere inside me of maybe in my own spiritual “cloud.”

Yet somehow, something, released it to me today at just the right time.

Freaky… right?

This course just gets more interesting as we go along.  No wonder so many graduates continue to take it over and over again.

Steve Perry says more eloquently than I ever will.

Have a great weekend!