MKMMA Week 15.1 Traction Control Stops The Spin-Out

Lets get this party started!

Those guys are still awesome aren’t they.

Now for my latest rant!

So here are the three main points of Scroll 1 that I did not make part of my life.

1. 1



I know this will seem sophomoric but….. I have performed everything perfectly  thus far.. I just finished my after lunch activities and I already feel like the day is a success!  So I’m just gonna keep doing and celebrating and reporting to you and my mastermind so I stay on track.

MKMMA Week 14: Failure, Redemption and Other Catchy Words.

As you know, for weeks I have been struggling with getting my activities completed and I have  offered numerous excuses.  While sporadically sitting this week a thought flashed into my mind.

“I form good habits and become their slave.”

We were taught this for 45 days which is more time than we will spend on any other chapter.  Could this be because it is so important?

Here are my thoughts   my insights  my weekly rant!

Let’s band together and do this!