Week 1 Tell Me Why Why O Why You Cry

As you know from the previous couple of posts,  I have applied for and been accepted into a very selective learning experience that is available once a year and only by scholarship.  This immersion experience is called the Master Keys.

The purpose of the Master Keys is self- discovery.  Now I know what you’re thinking… “oh it’s one of those touchy feely online things.”




I assure you it’s not, but more about that later!

So why am I doing this?

Well if you remember from my first post,  for almost 43 years I have2015-09-30_1131
half-assed my way through life depending on raw talent to pay my way.  As I mentioned earlier, raw talent has made it possible for me to play in lifes game but never be a champion.

The reason is simple.

I would start something I thought was interesting or profitable.  Raw talent and enthusiasm would kick in and I would experience early success.

Sounds great… right?

Well the problem is that at some point the levels and stakes of the game are raised.  At these raised levels are other players who not only have raw talent and enthusiasm, but they have worked, practiced and honed their skills to another level.  They are masters at what they do.

My response in the past was to go find another game because I was not interested in playing the game past raw talent and enthusiasm.

Lifes scoreboard reflects the outcome to date and it is a lopsided score not in my favor!
That is the reason I am here.

There is an old saying, “if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you always gotten.”

This year I am doing somthing new, something different, something that will provide me a Different result.

I am jumping into this new life with reckless abandon.  I am going to do the work, experience the pain, and come out the other side a changed person.

I will post about this journey on a regular basis.

I invite you to tag along and if any part of my story rings true with you maybe you will gain some value too.

Please feel free to comment or offer suggestions you think will be beneficial to me or other readers.

It’s all about, Body- Balance- Being- Business




Week 1 This DMP be the death of Me?

This is the first full week of my new MKMMA life.  This past  Sunday we had an orientation /welcome/come to _____ ( place your diety here) webinar to give us a “feel” for what is to come.

Not knowing what to expect but realizing they were broadcasting from Hawaii gave me expectations of sweet words spoken from hammocks gently rocking in the tradewinds as we enjoyed a tropical beverage with the hypnotic effects of endless waves lapping on the silky white sand beach.

BAM!   Wakeup…. smell the coffee

This is the Master Keys…. no Private Benjamin


Don Grantham

Week #1 Gentlemen Start Your Engines

This phrase signals the start of the famous Indy 500 automobile race.  The Indy 500 is an American tradition dating back to 1909.  In the over 100 year history of this contest millions of people have fantasized about climbing behind the wheel of a race car and roaring around the track, taking the checkered flag, driving to the winners circle to be named the champion.

In this same one hundred years thousands of people actually applied themselves enough to actually participate in the race.

But alas, only 116 people have actually crossed the finshline, taken the checkered flag, and were declared the champion.

More incredibly since some drivers were multiple time winners, the actual number of individual winners was less than 116.

As I look back at my life I see a correlation.

I have always been talented and able to do most things easily.

In fact that very talent allowed me to be better than most very quickly.

Many times I was told, “how lucky I was” or “how blessed I was.”

But the ugly truth is that I am like that second set of drivers who were good enough to be invited to the big race but never came away a champion.

Now I could give you  a thousand reasons why…..

The the truth is I only went as far as natural talent would take me.

I never bothered to hone the skills it took to be a champion.

That will change now.

I will be a champion and own my life at last.


I promise,

Don Grantham