MKMMA Week 11: Conquering The Mental Diet


36 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 11: Conquering The Mental Diet

  1. I lost count to how many times I LOLed! Your video was awesome! I loved how you handled the mental diet, turned the question around, and got them to talk the whole time. Genius! I think it was better than the suggestion I gave – def less wordy and more fun!


  2. Don, That was a pure joy to listen to and watch your wonderful expressions. I was also having a tough time with the diet. Then one day I was critically reading a service manual. I’m working on the idea of reading this guys mind when the word GROWTH is written. B – I – N – G – O This Law of Growth finally hit me like a bull in the bathroom. I was thinking all day long of Not having a negative thought and it grew like jack in the bean stock crazy. So for 1 hour (we must be reading each others email) I decided to focus on what I wanted. The word negative will be forgotten for that hour. I made it to the next day. Then I realized I was still going and really enjoying being who I am under the mask of Sarcasm. Now when something triggers a emotion that use to light my fire, I have a flash card “I choose a loving way to react to circumstances in life.” I don’t even read it now. I think your way is funnier by making it a game and to me Winning this GAME is the KEY.


  3. Don! You’re a you tube star! Good on you:-) I’m loving it! So appreciate your honesty and awareness. You rock! You’re cracking me up! Wine and Candy! Geez what’s christmas going to bring? Ahhhhh Peace of Mind:-) OM… One hour at a time. Well done you!

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  4. Thanks for sharing Don ! I love the video explaining how you managed the mental diet!
    I am with you on this : make it a game, keep asking questions, celebrate. I have come to the same process!


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