MKMMA Week 13: Why I Don’t Suck!

OK so I know it’s a little late coming…..


And now for a meaningful musical interlude! (to make up for my weak post)


19 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 13: Why I Don’t Suck!

  1. Don, Great post and creative also, Late is not the key as you’ve pointed out. We are all making progress is some way and on the same path. I just got back from being out of town for 4 days and the best day I got 2 sets of the daily readings done. I found the Family and being able to spend time and be present during that time of much more importance. Keep up your the good work, when your read other blogs you’ll find many are hitting a wall, picking them selves up and moving forward. Life is like that sometimes. Have a special and Loving Happy New Year with All your Family and Friends.

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  2. I struggled with that, too, feeling bad because I wasn’t getting everything done. I thought briefly about quitting and starting over next time, but then, like you, I decided that whatever progress I made was better than no progress at all. So I just keep building a little each day!

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  3. Yup – 50 years of wrong thinking (ok, maybe 40 or so, I will assume I was an angel until I became a teenager) don’t go away overnight. The problem I have is that I am too damn impatient! Take a deep breath, exhale slowly, read another card……… Thanks Don, love the videos!

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  4. Totally with you mate! At a turtles pace I have been going but at least you’re still pacing forward!! Chipping away… YOU CAN DO IT!! YOU ARE DOING IT! Well done Don! We’re all on this boat together and there aint no getting off now:-)

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