MKMMA Week 14: Failure, Redemption and Other Catchy Words.

As you know, for weeks I have been struggling with getting my activities completed and I have  offered numerous excuses.  While sporadically sitting this week a thought flashed into my mind.

“I form good habits and become their slave.”

We were taught this for 45 days which is more time than we will spend on any other chapter.  Could this be because it is so important?

Here are my thoughts   my insights  my weekly rant!

Let’s band together and do this!

12 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 14: Failure, Redemption and Other Catchy Words.

  1. Don, What a Great and honest Attitude. I agree we all have some kind of struggle and must buckle down to what we want most, like what you said right now. We are on your side and have your back. I am proud that you and so many others are on this journey with me. I told my son-in law about the course and he thought we sat and read some positive mental attitude books, and blew rose petals and sang La La La La crap. When I told him of the fight and rolling in the mud tough stuff we all are doing – listened like you would not believe. Everybody wants to be better and think all it is would be a resolution at the end of the year we stuck with more than 10 days. We know better know. You will get the work done this week, I can see that in your eyes and the determination in your words spoken. GO GET er DONE.

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