MKMMA Week 15.1 Traction Control Stops The Spin-Out

Lets get this party started!

Those guys are still awesome aren’t they.

Now for my latest rant!

So here are the three main points of Scroll 1 that I did not make part of my life.

1. 1



I know this will seem sophomoric but….. I have performed everything perfectly  thus far.. I just finished my after lunch activities and I already feel like the day is a success!  So I’m just gonna keep doing and celebrating and reporting to you and my mastermind so I stay on track.


30 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 15.1 Traction Control Stops The Spin-Out

  1. Awesome, Don. I want everyone to know that I only repeated your wisdom back to you. You have all the answers within you! And I love how you’ve been keeping all of us current on your accomplishments – check check check for Don with Discipline!

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  2. HI Don thanks for your video inspiration! Oh boy I’m came into this like I was hanging on to the tail of a comet ….but somehow that concrete was plastered on thick I just failed to keep my promise to myself . I’m reading OG and I commit to this MKMMA ! Have the best year yet!

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  3. How awesome. Thank you for reminding me. I would love to be apart of a group. I use the alliance mostly and some with my daughter. She keeps me on track. I lacking the OATS also. Going back on that starting today. Keep up the great work.

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  4. This is some really good stuff right here. Love your enthusiasm and your transparency. I shared your video from this week with some of the members in my Mastermind. Hope you don’t mind. Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year.

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  5. I think you were looking inside my living room, Don!

    Thank you for your refreshing honesty. I, too have fallen off track and am rebuilding and making the habits I should have made at the beginning. Here’s to new beginnings!

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