I have been a slave to many things things in my life.

I spent a grueling 25 years living in a soulless, corporate world living a life that I could only describe as quiet desperation.

During this time I subscribed to 70 hour weeks and horrific eating and drinking habits that were unhealthy to say the least.

Worse still my personal heath and fitness habits were deplorable and my tumultuous self-inflicted divorce, as well as a series of broken relationships made my personal situation even worse.  loser_t_shirt

I was awarded life’s  “LOSER” t-shirt!

I think it would be safe to say that my “dream life” had turned into a nightmare.

In my nightmare I was constantly doing battle… or running from the monster my life had become.

I needed an escape…. I needed a new dream….. I needed a way out!

Be Careful What You Dream

I finally got my chance at a new dream in 2009.  I would love to tell you that it was of my own choosing after “careful planning” but that would be untrue.  The financial meltdown here in the United States got me just like millions of others and put me out on the street.

It was during one random day in 2010 that things all changed.  I received two books from a friend who knew I was struggling.  The two books were, Rick Warren’s,  “A Purpose Driven Life” and John Maxwell’s, “Today Matters”

It was then that I realized the truth about my self induced problems…

So, I picked up my guilt over failed relationships, my bad personal choices, and even guilt over things out of my control, and tossed it all out the window like the garbage that it was.

I am now on a path of fulfillment and happiness which I will share with you.  Is it easy every day?  Of course not, but the feelings of accomplishment and the contentment are so refreshing.

So open the door and hop in…..there’s a seat reserved just for you.  We will throw your trash out the window just as I’m doing mine.

Buckle up and hold on………………..


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