MKMMA Week 10: Mark J. Faster Than A Speeding Bullet.. Able to .. Really?

I must say that the week of Thanksgiving was not an easy one for me.  I fell off the wagon completely.

No…. not alcohol.

I’m talking about the myriad of exercises, recitations and mental gymnastics that I put myself through numerous times a day to build a new me.

The really bad part is idle time gave me time to grade my work.  As I begin to tally the score, the old me (the one I’m trying to lose) was all too happy to point out all of my shortcomings and pathetically slow progress.  In the end his final assessment was…..

Yes his verdict came in “Loser.”

Now to be honest, I had been forewarned that this could happen but it’s hard not to listen to his reasoning and start to believe.  You see I did consider him the expert on me for decades.

So now you have the setup…Week 9 leading into week 10

Self doubt was worming its way in and I was  “kinda” listening but I knew I was in trouble I was becoming weak and susceptible.


Yea I know…. a little sophomoric and over the top but…

While I was struggling with my thoughts I received an email…… from Mark.

The subject line read: Week 10 so I thought I would take a look.

They keep telling us that if we persistently hold a desire in our mind that the universal intelligence will show us the way.

Here is Marks Week 10 Post, you read it and see if it wasn’t a prayer answered!

See The Post Here

It can’t be a simple coincidence … right?

Maybe Huey knew of what he spoke

I’m ready how bout you?


MKMMA 9.5 Weeks: The Cement Buddha and the Sledgehammer

One of the first things we are taught in the Master Keys course is that each of us is solid gold.

When I heard this I kinda rolled my eyes and shook my head.

I am pretty sure all the other course attendees did the same.

The instructor went on to explain that we didn’t see ourselves that way because a lifetime of bad feelings had manifested themselves around us like a super dense layer of concrete.

It was explained that our job was to “bust out” of this self-imposed prison revealing our “golden self!”


The only way I know for a common person to bust concrete is with a hammer or even better a sledgehammer.

As I was contemplating my slow and wavering path today, a song came to mind from somewhere way out in left field. (baseball metaphor for Mark J)

I remember this song from the mid eighties, in fact it was one of the first videos to be played on a then brand new venue called, MTV.

I had never actually listened to the lyrics.  Once again something caused this song to jump forefront in my mind.

May I say, “Freaky Weird II?”

Take a listen and see what your mysterious mind thinks.

Let me know how it strikes you.


MKMMA Week 9: Pissin in the Wind

One of the things that the MKMMA teaches is that our subconscious works 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help us figure out how to acquire the methods for us to get what we want.

My ultimate goal in this course is to create a “new me.”

In order to accomplish this, I must first get rid of the “old me.”

Just to prove that my subconscious is doing it’s job, I submit to you this nominal song from 1975 that “Popped” into my head this morning while I was struggling with my sit.  Pay particular attention to the chorus.

Here's the Chorus:
 Pissin' in the wind, bettin' on a losing friend
 Makin' the same mistakes, we swore we'd never make again
 And we're pissin' in the wind, but it's blowing on all our friends
 We're gonna sit and grin and tell our grandchildren

I find it amazing proof that the subconscious does retain everything.  I was 18 years old when this song came out.  I didn’t receive any airplay because of the lyrics and I never bought the album yet somehow it was stored somewhere inside me of maybe in my own spiritual “cloud.”

Yet somehow, something, released it to me today at just the right time.

Freaky… right?

This course just gets more interesting as we go along.  No wonder so many graduates continue to take it over and over again.

Steve Perry says more eloquently than I ever will.

Have a great weekend!


MKMMA Week 8: Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, Words Are Killing Me!

As it stands.

I am audaciously confident, brazenly certain, dogmatically sure, pretty convinced,  pleadingly hopeful that since you have been digging deep, examining closely, devouring completely, reading with close scrutiny, scanning and absorbing,……..glanced at a few pictures over the past couple of months here on this ongoing weekly  compendium, syllabus, personal development guidecheap wordpress blog  where you were enraptured, beguiled, enchanted, charmed, hypnotically, only mildly annoyed as I regaled you, captivated you, ecstasized you, delighted you, didn’t completely turn you off

I gotta take a break!

Blogging is not easy…..

So many thoughts, so many word choices …

I gotta be killing brain cells faster than I can regenerate new ones!

This course is tough tough tough!

Finally this week I got a break.

I only have to concentrate on two words.

But you know me…….. I had to ask my self a question

“Self,” I asked, “why didn’t they teach the two words eight weeks ago?”

It was then that I realized how powerful these words were in combination, a literal dynamic duo!

Here is the Alpha and the Omega in 6 minutes.

You”re welcome!

Don Grantham

MKMMA Week 7: Jerked Back From The Edge of The Precipice

Based on my history, you had to know that this story was coming.


Last week was the sixth week of my participation in the MKMMA course to a better me.

If you have been following my story you know that I have a habit of starting one of these things, losing interest or finding it too difficult or having it cut into my precious personal time and quitting to begin the search for the next “ready to eat, in the box microwavable” personal development program.  You know, the one where you “just add water and microwave on high for 3 minutes.”

Such was the case this past week.  The leaders have added activities and responsibilities every week to the point that it feels that we have a second job.

I won’t bore you with the details but the personal development part of my day (the second job) looks like this.

5 -6 am  read materials from course and sit and meditate.
6:15 am exercise
7:30 am in shower, get ready, go to work

Monday dawned as usual … I am supposed to be up at 5 am to start my personal development exercises. ( takes about an hour to complete)  The problem?  I didn’t get up until 6 am.

You no doubt see the problem right?

So I justified to myself that I would catch up as the day progressed. ( that’s what everybody does right?)

My schedule dictates that I work on my personal development while driving to work.  The activities are easy… so easy a 4th grader can do it!  If you can remember 4 colors and 4 shapes….. you can do it.

Well today I was mad at myself for  over sleeping and my non-performance and berated myself almost the entire way before I realized that I had forgotten to do my colors and shapes.  Oh well I am at work now,  ” I’ll catch up later.”  ( I’m starting to see a pattern… are you>)

My next scheduled personal activities happen on lunch my lunch break.  More reading more affirmations lets call it another 30 minutes.

My job required me to work through my lunch period… so I didn’t do my personal work.  I rationalized that I would catch up later in the day. (sound familiar?)

The rest of my work day was uneventful and at around 5:30 I headed home.

Now remember, I am supposed to utilize travel time to advance my skills.

What do you think I did?

That’s right, I turned on the car radio and listened to two guys talk about how pitiful the Dallas Cowboys are….. as if I didn’t know already.

My rationale for not doing my work while driving was very simple.  I told my self, ” heck you’ve already wasted today… you can start fresh tomorrow.

Needless to say, I did not do my night work either… unless you call watching Monday Night Football work.

Monday became Tuesday, Tuesday birthed Wednesday which led to Thursday and I had not done a stitch of the work that I was supposed to do…

I saw the handwriting on the wall….  too much trouble, takes too much time,  too hard…… I was in quit mode again

Before bed on Thursday night I checked my email and saw that I had a message from  Mark Januszewski who is the head honcho of the school thanking me for attending his seminar class.  ( head honcho working… me watching Thursday Night Football. guess that’s why he lives in Hawaii”

I opened the message and to my surprise found this  blog page.  You need to read it and can do so by clicking on the picture.

or See The Blog Page Here

How did he know exactly what I was going through?

How did he know that I needed that message that very day?

Oh that’s right…. he has lived it too!

I sat down at my desk that very moment and recommitted to myself and this journey.

I am half way through week seven and feeling good about my decision.

Thank you divine intervention and  thank you Mark J.








MKMMA 6: I’m Gonna Need A Longer Week

As last we discussed I felt that I was beginning to make a breakthrough.

Me thinks I may have high-fived prematurely.

Just when I thought or “felt”  that I was making progress they threw my a high hanging curve ball.

And I gotta tell you… it was a swing and a miss for me!

It seemed simple enough as they explained it.  All I had to do is offer No Opinions to anyone I came in contact with … unless I was considered an Expert on the subject they were discussing.

Easy enough… right?  Just like mom used to say, “keep your opinions to yourself, zip your lip.”


I didn’t make it through the first hour of the first day!  I never realized how free I was with my two cents worth or how free everyone else is with their pontificating penny’s.

Tomorrow as you go through your day I want you to think about this and just listen to the number of opinions and all of the advice you hear other people offering up.  Then consider their level of expertise on the subject.  I think you will be as surprised as I have been.

One last note,

I did a quick calculation and determined that if every person in the country were required to actually pay two cents when they gave their opinion that in a couple of months the kitty would be large enough to payoff the federal debt.

At least, “that’s my opinion!”

Talk to you later,

Don Grantham

Here is a tender love ballad about opinions

MKMMA Week 5: Dreams, Barney the Dinosaur and B.J. Thomas..really?

Well another week has gone by and it’s time for my to report.

I am sure that you can see from our previous conversations that this course contends that we are all (most of us) mentally screwed up due to the millions and millions of occurrences (good and bad) that happen to us throughout our lifetimes.

They contend that the emotion that we feel at the time of the occurrence and the occurrence are tied together and stored in our subconscious forever.

For example lets say that as a kid that you were the worst player in your whole class in hop scotch.  Every day when you joined in, the rest of the class laughed and made fun of your efforts.  This continues the entire school year.

During this period your subconscious is recording each episode of you and your failing efforts.  And let’s be honest we ALL fail at a lot of things in our lifetime.  Our personal mental video archives are immense.

As time goes by you are offered new life challenges where you are judged. Guess what your subconscious does?

With each challenge your subconscious goes back in its video archives and sees what happened previously in like situations.  When it finds something familiar it plays it for you on the spot.   You immediately see the video and re-experience the emotion you felt before.  Why?

One of the jobs of our subconscious is to keep us safe mentally and physically.  By showing you the Warning Video it hopes to keep you safe from emotional or physical pain.

The problem is…. by the time we are grown we are so stunted and afraid of embarrassing ourselves that we quit trying to do anything that might put us at emotional risk.

This is a big big part of what this course is trying to make us aware of.

Now you already know that I’m not a touchy-feely  kind of guy and I am not one to sit and discuss my innermost thoughts and fears because that’s just not what guys do… right!

OK… maybe that’s a little silly.. but that’s kinda how I feel about vulnerability.

So what’s this about?

One of this weeks exercise directed me to sit quietly for 15 minutes and remember a pleasant time and place in my life.

Now I’ve lived a pretty good full life (my opinion) and I thought this would be easy.


The more I tried to think of the perfect place the more I was reminded of something that wasn’t perfect about it.  Does that make any sense?

So I tried thinking of another place in time…. guess what?   Same results.  My subconscious could come up with negatives faster than I could remember places, people and times.

Did they give me this chore just to prove a point?

Me thinks so!

I voiced my results to my coach and she recommended that I should sit again and focus on  all the bad results and occurrences in my life and then ask my subconscious what to do.  ( are  you starting to hear the Barney song again?)

Against my better manly stoic logic I agreed to try it.


The next morning I got up as usual and decided to try it first thing.

I went into the living room.  I set the timer for 20 minutes.

I sat down on the sofa closed my eyes and begin trying to relax my whole body and totally clear my mind. ( trying to keep a blank mind is really tough.. try it for even 5 minutes)

So once i felt kinda blank I started thinking about the lifelong pile of garbage that was in my mind.

Nothing happened….

Nothing happened…

And then,

Almost like a dream I saw a large warehouse like an airplane hangar.  Inside this hangar was all my mental garbage.  Hundreds of giant pallets with all the bad results and occurrences in my life.  I was astounded how neatly arranged and organized they were.  I guess my subconscious needed for them to be organized for easy retrieval. Lucky me huh?

While I was marveling at the massive amount of “stuff”  a man on a yellow construction tractor showed up and commenced to push all of my stuff out of the hangar onto the giant concrete pad out front.

Once everything was moved out he handed me a broom and told me to sweep the hangar and knock all of the cobwebs from the walls and ceiling.  After completing my work I walked outside to find him burning my giant pile of trash.

I vividly remember the heat of the fire and looking back inside the hangar and thinking how clean and empty it was.

I snapped at the sound of my timer going off.  Twenty minutes had disappeared in the blink of an eye.  I remember thinking, “did I fall asleep?

Four days later I still can’t answer that question but I do know this.

Every day I clearly see that empty pristine clean hangar and every time I start to have a bad thought I hear a voice that says,” that doesn’t go in the hangar”

It has now been four days since and only “Good Stuff” is in the hangar.  I also feel really good about myself and feel amazingly free.

Is it more than a feeling?  I don’t know but I will keep you in the loop as it plays out.

Have a great week